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Wrestling Fans International Association was founded in 1967 by Don Wilson.  Mr. Wilson came up with the idea of a united, international fan organization after attending a fan convention of another group in which he felt that fans were being exploited.  Mr. Wilson came up with the idea of having an organization of the fans and for the fans.  By uniting groups of wrestling fans from various clubs throughout the United States and internationally, Wrestling Fans International Association was founded.

Mr. Wilson, with the help of NWA President Sam Muchnick of St. Lous Wrestling fame, quickly made contacts throughout the wrestling world.  This was during the ultra-secretive kayfabe era and cooperation was not easy.  The WFIA built relationships with promoters throughout the country such as Jerry Jarrett out of Memphis, Paul Boesch out of Houston, Fritz Von Erich out of Dallas, and Verne Gagne out of Minneapolis.

In conjunction with host promotions, the WFIA held annual conventions in various cities and wrestling territories around the country.   WFIA also had a publication called Wrestling Fan News that kept its membership informed of association business.

Through the late 1960s, the 1970s, and into the 1980s; WFIA was extremely popular, well known, and at one point or another, had such great wrestling names as Jim Cornette, Paul Heyman, and Eddie Gilbert among it's membership.  Sadly, WFIA became defunct in the late 1980s.

When it came to fan organizations for pro wrestling, the WFIA was the premier organization.  It's legacy still stands today as older wrestling fans still fondly recall their experiences at WFIA conventions and the life-long friendships they made.  The great memories of the WFIA memories last forever.

The new incarnation of WFIA intends to re-build the legacy of the WFIA and once again claim a place in the world of professional wrestling.  Although times have changed and kayfabe has long gone to the wayside, wrestling fans are still as passionate and committed as ever.  So is the WFIA!

1968 - Mankato, Minnesota  |  1969 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1970 - Miami, Florida  |  1971 - St. Louis, Missouri
1972 - Santa Monica, California  |  1973 - Detroit, Michigan
1974 - Atlanta, Georgia  |  1975 - Boston, Massachusetts
1976 - Kansas City, Missouri  |  1977 - Dallas, Texas
1978 - Knoxville, Tennessee |  1979 - Memphis, Tennessee
1980 - Atlanta, Georgia  |  1981 - Houston, Texas
1982 - Indianapolis, Indiana  |  1983 - Unknown
1984 - Memphis, Tennessee  |  1985 - Kansas City, Missouri
1986 - Houston, Texas  |  1987 - Birmingham, 
1988 - Madison, Wisconsin
1973 - Boston, Massachusetts  |  1974 - St. Louis, Missouri




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